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Meet Jim Prince, a 30+ year veteran trader, market educator, and innovator.

Jim and the GBE staff have developed a new technical trading strategy referred to as Cycle Trading 3.0 and they're ready to share it with you.

The strategy uses proprietary turning point indicators to help you better interpret price action, enabling you to act on your findings with confidence and limited risk. Jim's cycle trading strategy is a universal approach that works in all time frames (5-minute, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly, etc.), and asset classes (including Futures, Spreads, FOREX, Crypto’s, Stocks and ETFs). His approach can be used to choose entry points, set targets, place stop losses, and exit markets.

Follow Jim as he sends daily market alerts and trading strategies that are designed to maximize opportunity for traders at every level.

Learn how to successfully trade futures. All you need is your computer, and a willingness to succeed.

Futures Order Types

In this video I provide insights on various futures order types and how to use them.

Futures Trading Resources

I discuss the various futures trading and market resources available for GBE Members. With our resources and tools you can become a better futures trader.

Easy to Use

I discuss the tools you have access to when you become a member of GBE such as our bimonthly trading webinars, Newsletters and our futures education newsletters.

How to Build

In this video I walk through the process of both building your own chart template as well as adding my template to your charts. GBE Members have access to the charts used in this video.

Futures Trading

In this video I discuss my futures trading strategie and review markets in the energy sector.

The Importance

I discuss why every trader needs to have both a trade plan and trading rules! The charts and tools used in this video are available GBE Members.

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Jim's Trading Spreadsheet lists all of his active and closed trades since he started trading the Cycle Trading 3.0 methodology.

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Jim’s style is to trade two contracts for each position. Upon entering a trade he sets his initial stops and targets based on nearby support and resistance levels. Once the initial target price is hit, he moves the stop on his second contract to break even, and then trails this stop as the trade moves in his favor. He gives the trade room for down days, allowing him to maximize profit for those monster moves.

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Each day, Jim sends a Daily Market Update with trade analysis and discussion of possible trading approaches so you can practice with live markets and never miss a beat. He also updates his spreadsheet throughout the trading day as needed, so you always know the status of each trade. You can elect to receive Email or Text Alerts about these trades so you never miss an opportunity.

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Jump Into Current Markets

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Trading in futures or options involves substantial risk of loss. You should carefully study commodity trading and consider whether such trading is suitable for you in light of your circumstances and financial resources before you trade.